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If you like my work on this blog or want to help me pay my server bills, please consider a donation via the following methods:


LiberaPay is a new, non-profit platform for recurring micropayments, which means that 100 % of the donations go to the recipient. You can find me on LiberaPay as user “thomasleister”:


Bitcoin address (without spaces!):

15z8 QkNi dHsx q9WW d8nx W9XU hsdf Qe5B 4s

If you have Bitcoins - send my some! My server host, DNS host and even mail host accept Bitcoins, so I can use them to pay my infrastructure bills! :-)


Even though I do not like PayPal for some political reasons, I do offer a PayPal account for easy money transfer: (thomas.leister ;at;

SEPA bank transfer

Just ask me about my bank transfer details via e-mail: info ;at;

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Send your mail to: Thomas Leister, Kaltenecker Straße 24, 84036 Kumhausen, Germany.

Big thanks to everyone who helped me out a bit! :-)