Linux fan - hobby administrator - metal-head

Personal details

  • Born in 1995 in Landshut, Germany
  • Academic studies: Automotive computer science at University of applied sciences, Landshut
  • Likes simple, comprehensible and efficient solutions


As you might deduce from the main topics of this blog, I am interested in Linux, servers and open source software. I started my first website in 2009 and learned how to develop web applications. Since then my interest in Linux servers and server applications in general grew rapidly. A few years ago I started hosting a lot of online services myself, such as a NextCloud-based personal cloud for file sync, calendar, contacts and more, as well as a XMPP server, a Mastodon instance, my own RSS Feed aggregator and some blogs.

Not only all my servers run on Linux (Debian), but also my personal desktop computers (Fedora) since early 2013. I can’t imagine switching back to Windows. It’s not only the freedom of being able to to with my computers, what I want, but also the Linux community and the knowledge exchange in it, which thrills me.

On the non-technical side, I’m a big fan of metal music in almost every shade: Classic heavy metal, thrash-metal, death-metal, black metal, power-metal, … depending on my mood, I like nearly every sub-genre of metal music. But not only metal gives me energy: Sometimes I listen to Rock, Hard Rock, Blues and Blues-Rock too - and even enjoy electronic music sometimes.

This Blog

This blog exists since 2011 and first reached bigger impact when I released an article, which explained how to disable the Facebook like button for privacy reasons. Later I published articles about Ubuntu Linux / Ubuntu Server and mail servers. With the first mail server how-to my blog became popular regarding mail server articles and server application articles.

In early 2017 I decided to reduce the number of published articles, and instead write longer and more detailed texts about more complex topics. This should not be a classic blog anymore, but more like a hybrid of a wiki and a professional journal. My goal is not to tell stories about my personal life, but to provide knowledge.

The english version of this blog exists since few weeks and is not yet filled with much content. Please be patient. I’ll translate and add more english content in the next months :-)


I’m studying automotive computer science, which is a mixture of three academic faculties: Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. Examples for main topics in this course of studies are: On-board networking, functional safety, model-based development, and development of security- and safety-critical embedded systems.

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